How To Write Great Corporate Videos

If telling isn’t selling then most corporate videos are doing it wrong. Does this sound familiar? – Long winded timeline videos, scripted features and benefits from talking heads, perfectly packaged into 4’30” of snooze.

Story writing frameworks provide an alternative, and dare I say more interesting way of framing your company’s message. Three-act structure and Hero’s journey are two frameworks that can be simplified  and used to define your video’s key messages and present them in a story format.

I’ve used the above depending on the project, however my favorite structure comes courtesy of Pixar. I’ve modified it a little but it goes like this:

Every day, ___. Until One day ___.  Because of that, ___.  Because of that, ___.  Until finally ___.

The answers to these questions make script writing less of a chore and help resolve the key themes of the video. When put into practice it looks a little something like this, with each answer being anywhere from 1 to 3 sentences in length:

Every day, we design and manufacture world class devices loved the world over.

Until One day, we took notice of the emerging wearables trend.

Because of  that, we researched and developed many prototypes and had many failures.

Because of that,  we were able to focus on one device and worked hard to make it the best product of its kind.

Until finally, we released the first smart watch that connects seamlessly with your phone.

Presenting your videos in a story based format guides the viewer on a journey that explains why your product or service exists and what problem it solves.  You’ll be able to do that in a clear and concise way, free of extraneous messaging if you use story telling frameworks.