How To Create Video Content From Your Social Media Channels

Lately I’ve read lots of articles that describe why marketers should be making video content customers want to watch, without giving any clues as to how to do that. Here’s three easy ways to generate video ideas from your social media channels.


  1. Read their comments – Comments provide unfiltered feedback on what your customers think of your brand and products, good and bad. You can use these to discover holes in your marketing content plan, or frustrations customers have with your products (and your competitors).
  2. Ask them questions – Make your social media accounts a two-way conversation. There’s a tendency to think that we can only use social media to push product and messages, to treat it like advertising. Social media should be viewed as an interactive community. Want to know what they think of that new widget? Ask. If no-one replies, then its probably a good indication that your followers aren’t listening to what you’re saying.
  3. Run a competition – Everyone likes the chance to win something. Offer a product or cash prize incentive to get feedback. Make the questions specific and measurable. For example, you could ask customers to describe their ideal product, or how do they use your current products.


Next you’ll need to analyze the feedback and find any recurring themes and topics. Qualitative Data Analysis Software can automate the task if you’re dealing with large data sets. From there you can start to generate video ideas using the storytelling framework I’ve outlined HERE

As an example we discovered from a survey that despite all of the marketing collateral available to them, our customers still had a hard time deciding which kitchen sink to buy.  Using their own stories and words, I was able to generate four simple videos that customers could use to start their sink buying journey. At 31,000 views, the most watched video has been an instructional video on “How to clean a sink”.

Using customer feedback on social media has allowed me to generate relevant content on demand. Watch the videos mentioned, plus other content generated from social media feedback here on the Clark Facebook Page